Core Values At Remus Music


Having great equipment isn’t enough to make a great album. It takes expertise – the kind of knowledge that comes from years of work, trial, and error. Remus’ thorough knowledge of the music industry allows him to guide artists in creating music that is geared toward today’s standards.


“Good enough” is not a part of Remus’ vocabulary. Excellence in quality is the goal with every project – you can always be assured that your music will be treated with care and attention to deliver the best results within the scope of the service.


For Remus music is about communication and transparency. In order to achieve great music you need honesty, dedication, and vision. Remus is an invested partner, never just a yes-man who will agree with all your ideas. Expect direct and honest input throughout the process of creating and refining your work.


Music is more than just work – it’s a personal experience. Making music should always be an enjoyable process, and that includes enjoying the people you’re working with. Remus is known for his energetic, easygoing, and personable character. Working with Remus is a fun and rewarding endeavour.

The Remus Music Process


  • 1 – Direction

    Meet in person or communicate online to discuss the ideas and direction for the project.

  • 2 – Recording

    Recording in studio with Remus as your Engineer.


  • 1 – Strategy

    Discuss goals for the style and vision for the project.

  • 2 – Initial Phase

    Remus will send you samples of the work to gauge and influence the direction.

  • 3 – Feedback

    Discuss the initial work, and approve final production direction.

  • 4 – Final Production

    Production work is completed according to Remus’ exacting standards ready for initial mixing.

Mixing / Mastering

  • 1 – Review

    If the music was produced by a 3rd party Remus will listen and evaluate the song giving input on direction on the song and quality.

  • 2 – Initial Mixing

    Remus will send updated phases of the track’s progression through the mixing process.

  • 3 – Completed Work

    When the work has been completed to Remus’ satisfaction he will deliver the song(s) mixed and ready for mastering.

  • 4 – Mastering

    Taking the music to a completed industry standard master ready for distribution.

Remus Belu

Remus Belu

Audiophile, Founder

Remus Belu is a music aficionado with over 12 years of experience as a producer, engineer, singer, dancer, and songwriter.

Remus has collaborated and toured with a wide range of artists including …

With “Remus Music” his goal is to work with select talented artists who are dedicated to producing high quality music with excellence.